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Hexagon pipe fitting inspection program

ROMER pipe fitting detection system is a portable non-contact pipe fitting detection system in the current market. In addition to directly installing pipelines, pipelines, hoses, etc. next to the production line, it can also provide processing parameters and correction value data for pipe bending equipment.

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Bent parts are a common type of part, whether it is automotive, aerospace, construction machinery, energy rework, rail transit or fitness equipment, it has a wide range of applications. The traditional detection method has been unable to meet the various needs of various fields for bend products.
As a leader in the global metrology industry, Hexagon has developed the industry-specific TubeShaper infrared non-contact elbow measurement system for the pipe fittings industry, bringing a new leap to the rapid measurement of the pipe fittings industry.

Hexagon's portable pipe inspection system, non-contact measurement technology, can not only detect pipelines and pipelines, but also provide processing parameters and correction data for pipe bending equipment, thus greatly reducing the time required to adjust equipment.
The Hexagon pipe fitting inspection system is designed to meet the diverse needs of customers in various industries. It consists of three parts: absolute arm measuring machine, infrared elbow measuring head and TubeShaper software. It perfectly reflects the high precision and stability of the absolute arm measuring machine. It combines with the industry-specific infrared bending probe and the amount is optimized. The special inspection software for elbows can realize a wide range of inspection needs of customers.

Technical characteristics
Product parameters
Its main features include:
? It can realize the customer's requirements for product reverse engineering. It can not only map old parts without CAD model, but also directly create new pipe parts according to physical data.
? Directly realize product inspection of curved pipe parts, assist suppliers to conduct product acceptance or assist customers, compare actual workpieces with design requirements, and issue test results and test reports;
? Real-time monitoring during the bending process, and the correction amount required during processing can be obtained, and the processing process can be corrected and guided in real time;
?Measure and certify dedicated bend fixtures, molds and gauges.
The absolute arm measuring machine in the TubeShaper pipe fitting detection program is the world's most accurate articulated arm type measuring machine. It has the advantages of light weight, powerful function, stable performance, convenient movement, easy to learn, and so on. Use in the environment: The absolute arm measuring machine uses the world's most advanced absolute encoder, which can improve the accuracy and can be used at the same time, avoiding the cumbersome setting process after the device is turned on; the arm of the absolute arm measuring machine Made of carbon fiber material, it has high stability, which ensures the authenticity and accuracy of the measurement data. The plug-and-play high-precision probe has automatic identification function and can be used without calibration every time before use.
A combination of specially designed infrared tube probes and special specially optimized bending tube inspection software enables customers to meet a wide range of inspection needs.

The new TubeShaper software has many advanced and professional new features:
? With CAD import function, it can import a variety of parts including pipe fittings, and can automatically extract feature and tube type data;
? The software has two different interfaces for the engineer description and the shop floor operator;
? A new hard probe measurement function has been added to facilitate switching between the elbow probe and the hard probe mode, and the software also adds a conventional feature detection function.
? The software has a programmable mode, the operator can program the pipe in advance, and only need to run the measurement program in the actual test;
? Professional measurements can be made for the rebound coefficient parameters;
? With the direct reading interface of the bender, the measurement program and the amount of bend correction can be directly exchanged with the popular bender in the market;
? It can provide professional and informative and comprehensive professional test reports;
? Ability to perform statistical analysis of measurement results and make professional trend analysis reports.

TubeShaper elbow inspection system: professional bending part measuring system, specially developed for the characteristics and needs of the pipe fitting industry, the measuring process is quick and convenient, the measurement result is accurate and reliable, the bending correction amount is provided, and the measuring efficiency can be greatly improved. , reduce measurement costs. The Hexagon Group uses professional measuring products to help the leap industry develop.

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