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Equotip Live UCI-Wireless Portable UCI Hardness Tester

Proceq manufactures quality portable non-destructive testing instruments for the metal industry. Recent technological advances include integrated solutions, such as UCI hardness probes, and the introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) to support users in field evaluations and rapid report generation.

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Equotip Live UCI, Creates new opportunities for portable hardness testing. You can use Equotip iOS to perform measurements at remote locations and give your team instant access to your results. No need to ship the USB drive yourself or send the report manually via email.

Product Description
? Wireless UCI Probe
? Share your measurements and reports instantly
? Record form for complete data traceability

Default unit
Available units
Available probes
Universal probe with adjustable test load from HV1 to HV10
Combine with other methods
Average roughness Ra (?m / ?inch)
12.5 / 500
Minimum quality(kg/lbs)
0.3 / 0.66
Minimum thickness (mm/inch)
5 / 0.2
Instrument firmware
? iOS app includes free updates (visit live.proceq.com for compatibility information)
? Hotspots with predefined shortcuts
? Audio output of readings, can be heard even when the phone is in a pocket
? Screen Guide
? Automatic compensation in impact direction
? Verify and calibrate information for greater reliability

PC Software
Browser-based Equotip Live solution
Any iOS device (not included in delivery)
Memory for iOS devices
USB for charging and updating
Measuring range
20 – 2000 HV
Measurement Accuracy
± 2% (150 – 950 HV)
Proceq Live is an easy-to-use, sophisticated mobile app
The new Swiss-made Proceq Live device is compatible with any iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch and can be wirelessly connected to them using Bluetooth. Use the Equotip application for digital reporting, data sharing and backup, all through a very secure cloud service. A special log table function records key parameters related to each test, including settings, time, photos, site notes, and geographic location. Reports can be sent directly on-site or in the office using the device, and all measurements can be accessed worldwide via Proceq's web platform live.proceq.com.

Equotip app and Proceq Live cloud
? Simple user interface and log sheet for complete data traceability
? Continuous online backup prevents data loss
? Secure network platform live.proceq.com
? Centralized report template and profile management
? Available for Apple Watch

Equotip Live UCI Probe
? Ergonomic probe with highly visible multicolor status LED
? Adjustable test load from HV1 to HV10
? Flight Safety AA Battery

Record Form
A log sheet records all measurements and changes to ensure traceability. In addition, you can save geographic locations, add notes, audio, notes, and pictures to document your process.

Equotip Live is a hardness testing solution focused on high portability. On the one hand, audio feedback of measurement results facilitates probe processing. Web-based reporting tools, on the other hand, let you create and share your reports with just a few clicks.
ASTM A 1038
ASTM E 140
DIN 50159
ISO 18265
GB/T 34205-2017
? Standard to Large Objects
? Round Object
? Thin and light objects
? Very hard objects
? Polished objects
? Heat-treated surface

? DGZfP criterion MC 1
?VDI / VDE Code 2616 Document 1

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