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Nondestructive Case Depth Testing System

Ultrasound backscattering of Germany Fraunhofer-IZFP enables direct determination of the case depth interface between two materials with different microstructures nondestructively.

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The German Institute for Non-Destructive Testing Technology (IZFP) develops NDT technology for component testing, material condition, component performance and service life during production. The scientific research scope includes micromagnetic, ultrasound, eddy current, electromagnetics, microwave, X-ray detection, X-ray CT tomography, atomic force microscope, acoustic emission, thermal imaging, microwave, nuclear magnetic resonance and so on.

Induction Hardening-Nondestructive Case Depth Measurement Technology:

Surface hardening is commonly used to manufacture parts with high tensile properties and fatigue strength to resist surface cracking and abrasion. In addition, surface hardening depth (SHD) must be controlled in accordance with various international specifications. Although evaluation of SHD can be done by cutting samples, this approach is time consuming, expensive, and does not lend itself to integration into a production line. These concerns led to the demand for a fast, nondestructive method to test hardened parts and to enable quick optimization of the induction hardening process when treating different parts and/or changing process parameters.

Methods developed to accomplish this include eddy current testing, magnetic methods, and ultrasound. Electromagnetic methods take advantage of material characteristics that correlate to physical values like conductivity and permeability. However, various part specifics interfere with the correlation, which requires a set of calibration samples. Further, electromagnetic methods have limited penetration depth.

By comparison, Fraunhofer - IZFP ultrasound backscattering offers a direct determination of the interface between two materials with different microstructures, including grain size, which is introduced here. This type of measurement is simple and does not require correlation of any kind nor calibration samples.
Fraunhofer-IZFP creatively applied the fast non-destructive ultrasonic method, using the ultrasonic backscatter effect to determine the surface induction hardened layer depth (SHD). The results are accurate, reliable and reproducible, and the instrument is rugged and durable. Significantly reduce the inspection workload and reduce costs, adjust production processes in a timely manner, and realize rapid manufacturing control functions and good quality management.

Four channels case depth system Software Studio for case depth testing

Advantages of Nondestructive Case Depth Testing System:

① Has more than 40 years of customized ultrasonic software and hardware experience;
② The measurement accuracy is very high: the resolution is as high as 0.001mm;
③ Get measurement results quickly: each measurement only takes a few seconds;
④ The measurement system can be integrated into the production process and automated testing;
⑤ By using different sensors, workpieces of different sizes can be measured;
⑥ The software is powerful and can easily adjust the system according to customer requirements;
⑦ Can store all important raw data, including waveforms;
⑧ Integrated report format editor, users can design custom inspection reports;
⑨ The device has a large-capacity lithium battery and can move freely;
⑩ Meet IP65 protection level, can be used in harsh workshop environment.

Various Application examples for case depth nondestructive measuringApplication Examples of Case Depth Measurement

Non-destructive Multi-channel Case Depth Testing System is designed for high-end manufacturing. It is used for non-destructive measurement and evaluation of the surface hardening depth of heat-treated components. It is suitable for detecting complex geometric structures. Camshaft, transmission shaft and other components

For more details, please contact LAB GAGES directly.

For more details, please contact LAB GAGES directly.
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