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SPECTROTEST Mobile Spectrometer,Portable Metal Analyzer

SPECTROTEST is a mobile arc / spark spectrometer suitable for many applications in the metal production, processing and recycling industries. The portable metal analyzer performs exceptionally well, especially when accurate metal analysis is required, when materials are difficult to identify, or when large numbers of samples need to be measured.

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Next-generation high-performance field metal analyzer

SPECTROTEST, an arc and spark integrated spectrometer, combines many ergonomic advantages and can be safely and easily operated on site. The lightweight firing gun quickly switches between arc firing and spark firing (arc / spark OES). An excitation gun with a built-in UV optical system is available for special measurement applications; in its new version, it can also be used with an arc light source.

The arc / spark spectrometer can even identify low-alloy steels containing carbon in fast arc excitation mode. In Spark mode, SPECTROTEST enables analysis of carbon, phosphorus and sulfur. And the analysis of nitrogen element to identify duplex stainless steel.

Features of SPECTROTEST Mobile Spectrometer

? The instrument uses a high-resolution optical system and is suitable for a wide range of elements (including nitrogen, lithium and sodium) covering all elements required for on-site metal analysis.
?Specific iCAL single standard standardization-save 30 minutes per day on average
? Flexible and easy analysis, the trigger gun can be quickly replaced, and battery-powered operation-up to 800 measurements on a single charge

Field portable metal analyzing by SPECTROTEST Mobile Spectrometer

Scope of SPECTROTEST mobile spectrometer for portable Metal Analysis

1) Spectrometer host: optical system with multiple high-resolution CCD detectors, all-digital plasma excitation light source, high-performance readout system, built-in computer, professional version of Windows7 operating system.
2) The pluggable trigger gun sends the trigger tip
3) ICAL standardized samples
4) Pluggable UV excitation gun and excitation nozzle
5) Lightweight trolley with braking device
6) Battery-powered device
7) SPECTRO metal grade database
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