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Flir T500 Series--T540 Professional Infrared Camera

The new FLIR T500 series has everything you need to pinpoint hot spots and troubleshoot potential problems. Equipped with a 180-degree rotating lens platform and a bright 4-inch LCD screen. Equipped with a 180-degree rotatable lens platform and a bright 4-inch LCD display, it helps to diagnose hard-to-reach parts in any environment. Built-in advanced measurement tools, powerful laser-assisted autofocus, and industry-leading image quality ensure faster and easier problem detection and diagnosis.

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FLIR T540 adopts ergonomic design and high resolution, which can quickly check hot spots, find hidden faults and confirm repair results. This 161,472 (464 × 348) pixel thermal imaging camera is equipped with a bright 4-inch LCD display and a 180 ° rotatable lens platform, so you can easily and comfortably diagnose electrical or mechanical problems even in hard-to-reach areas. This camera has built-in advanced measurement tools (such as one-touch level / span) and laser-assisted autofocus technology, allowing you to record accurate temperature measurements every time.
High resolution, comfortable operation and excellent performance
Make key decisions faster
Laser-assisted autofocusing ensures you get a clear focus and the precise temperature readings you need to make fast and reliable decisions.
Flexible operation and ergonomic
The focusing unit of the FLIR T540 can be rotated 180 °, so you can comfortably and easily image your target at any angle all day.
Intuitive user interface
The capacitive touch screen has an intuitive, easy-to-navigate menu; in addition, you can customize it with two programmable buttons.

Key features
? 180 ° swivel condenser and vivid 4-inch scratch-resistant capacitive touch screen
? IR resolution up to 464 × 348 pixels (161,472 measurement points)
? Fast and accurate laser-assisted autofocus
? Laser distance measurement and area measurement displayed on the screen
? Customizable working folder
? Smart, interchangeable AutoCal lens with automatic calibration
? Industry-leading 2-10 years warranty service

Make key decisions faster
Advanced imaging technology and outstanding sensitivity help you make the right decisions quickly
? With FLIR Vision Processing technology supported by powerful MSX, UltraMax? And patented adaptive filtering algorithm, ensure that the generated thermal image has industry-leading sharpness
? Enable the laser distance measurement function on the screen through the touch button to determine the accessibility of the parts to be repaired
? Thanks to a 4-inch scratch-resistant LCD screen that is 33% brighter and has 4 times higher resolution than comparable thermal cameras, this camera helps to easily identify problems and make quick decisions
Maximize Efficiency, Safety, and Performance
Evaluate equipment safely and comfortably from a convenient vantage point to prevent component failure
? Using a condensing device that can rotate 180 ° to comfortably image high and low targets, which can effectively reduce the burden of all-day detection
? Can scan large areas from a safe distance with a resolution of up to 464 × 348 pixels, and provides 161,472 non-contact temperature measurement points
? Thanks to AutoCal optics with auto-calibration function, this camera can share lenses with all series of cameras (from wide-angle to telephoto lens)
? With laser-guided auto-focus function to ensure clear infrared images and accurate temperature readings every time
Designed to make work easier
Quick reporting features help you organize results in the field and maximize your productivity
? Quick access to menus, folders and settings with intuitive controls including a responsive touch screen and two programmable buttons
? Enable customers to observe key results in real time through the Wi-Fi streaming function of the FLIR Tools app
? Optimize your workflow with smooth reporting features (such as built-in voice annotations, text annotations with auto-fill and sketches)
? Make accurate and precise files with embedded GPS position data and measurement data from FLIR digital clamp meters and multimeters that support the METERLiNK connection function

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