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FLIR E85 Infrared Camera

FLIR E85 has the high performance features needed to quickly and accurately detect hot spots and hide defects. It has a resolution of 384 × 288 and provides more than 110,000 temperature measurement points. At the same time, the laser rangefinder provides the data needed to measure the square area (m? or ft?) on the screen.

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E85 thermal imaging camera introduction:
? FLIR E75, E85, E95 are FLIR Exx series advanced infrared cameras.
? FLIR has redesigned the Exx series thermal imaging camera from the handle to provide the very good performance, resolution and sensitivity of any pistol grip thermal imaging camera.
? The new Exx series thermal imaging cameras are equipped with various functions to help users find hot spots in time, detect early signs of building defects, repair electrical and mechanical systems, and eliminate problems in the bud.
? FLIR E85 has higher performance, can provide a wider temperature range, and screen measurement area (m2).

? Exx series thermal imaging cameras are designed with laser-assisted autofocus and 464 x 348 resolution to accurately identify hot spots, so potential failure points can be discovered before causing costly downtime.
? The Exx series thermal imager has high-precision temperature measurement function, which can help users immediately identify faulty components that may cause fire or other safety hazards. Image enhancement technologies such as FLIR's MSX help easily identify system defects and resolve them before serious problems occur.
? The vivid and clear 4-inch display can be viewed from an angle of 160 °. The interchangeable optical components can be automatically calibrated with the lens, so users can install a telephoto lens to observe long-distance targets, or a lens with a narrower field of view to observe short-range targets.

? The new FLIR Exx series thermal imager has excellent sensitivity and a 42 ° field of view (FOV). It is handheld and easy to use. This series of cameras can detect building defects and moisture intrusion in time, then measure the damaged area-and display it on the screen. All models are rugged, ergonomically designed, safe and easy to operate with one hand.

Features of  FLIR E85 Series

Fast, precise, continuous focusing
Laser-assisted autofocus can immediately detect motion and maintain focus even in chaotic environments.
Excellent MSX scene enhancement
MSX technology is now even better, thanks to its redesign, which tightly combines visible light with infrared cameras.
Higher temperature calibration
Exx series thermal imaging cameras have a wide measurement range (-20 ° C to 120 ° C, 0 ° C to 650 ° C, and 300 ° C to 1500 ° C)
Intuitive interface and navigation
Capacitive touch screen and convenient menu buttons help one-handed navigation and operation of the camera
Get a clear view at any angle
The vivid, clear 4-inch LCD display with a 160 ° field of view helps you view infrared images while working.
2-5-10 year warranty
FLIR provides premium warranty service for batteries, bodies and detectors of Exx series thermal imagers

Excellent performance

The new Exx series is equipped with numerous high-performance features to quickly discover and report hidden hotspot issues: bright, eye-catching screen images, sensitive lenses, and a responsive user interface.

Easier on-screen navigation
? Fast response capacitive touch screen
? Upgraded user interface (GUI) simplifies operation process and improves operation experience
? Screen and menu redesign makes operation more logical

Report issues quickly
? Wi-Fi connects the camera to a mobile device or a factory internal network
? Annotate images with sound, text, screen sketches, GPS markers and compass
? New folders and naming structure make it easier to find images
? Enhanced image analysis and reporting through FLIR Tools + software

Scalable and modular
Multiple goals, one solution
Not every target is large enough or close enough to make proper measurements with just a single lens. That's why FLIR's new Exx series is equipped with interchangeable 24 °, 42 °, and 14 ° lenses — so users can use the same thermal imager to observe every target. The thermal imager automatically calibrates each new lens to ensure high-quality images and accurate thermal values.
Customized for the system
The new Exx series thermal imagers generate standard JPEG images that can be opened and viewed without any software. These images can be viewed and edited in FLIR Tools or processed using the FLIR Software Development Kit (ATLAS SDK). This feature helps users to use their own computer maintenance monitoring system (CMMS) and supports reading thermal measurements, METERLiNK data, GPS, compass and other important parameters embedded in the image.

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