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SPECTROMAXx Direct Reading Spectrometer

SPECTROMAXx direct-reading spectrometer is mainly used for material testing in foundries around the world, as well as inspections in the metal industry. The device SPECTROMAXx can identify all elements used in the metal industry, including metal analysis of carbon, phosphorus, sulfur and nitrogen.

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General Introduction of SPECTROMAXx Direct reading Spectrometer

The seventh-generation SPECTROMAXx arc-spark OES metal analyzer significantly reduces operating costs, shortens measurement time, and reduces maintenance requirements—while still combining excellent accuracy and stability. In terms of efficiency, the new SPECTROMAXx sets new benchmarks.
It has truly intuitive operation, uses toolbar buttons, has a user management system, and clearly separates operations from programming. Measurements are controlled by clear icons and toolbar buttons. Once a workflow has begun, only logical functions in the control software are available at that time-all other instructions are hidden. With the new application configuration, customer-specific information can be set before starting operations, reducing the management burden on laboratory technicians.
The SPECTROMAXx arc / spark OES metal analyzer independently monitors all operating parameters. It dynamically determines the measurement time based on the characteristics of a given sample, and even shows when the spark table needs to be cleaned based on the type of sample being tested. The optional AMECARE M2M (machine-to-machine) supports direct connection to remote Spike service specialist computers and provides proactive alerts.
SPECTROMAXx is unmatched throughout the metal analysis industry.
Floor version system of SPECTROMAXx Direct reading Spectrometer Main device of SPECTROMAXx Direct reading Spectrometer

Features of SPECTROMAXx Direct reading Spectrometer

? It is very suitable for the routine analysis and accurate analysis of foundry material access and process control (including nitrogen)-including 10 substrates, 65 methods and 54 elements.
? Simple one-sample standardization-based on Spike's Intelligent Calibration Logic (iCAL)-saves 30 minutes per day on average
? Easy to operate and use-Simplified operation view provides clear selection through dedicated toolbar buttons

Spark stand for Metal Analysis

The reduction of the internal volume and the optimization of the argon gas flow have reduced the argon consumption by half, while reducing the volume of dust inside the spark table. The new argon saving mode makes the consumption of argon much lower. Long standby time argon is completely turned off. Before the instrument restarts, the argon gas will automatically flush the spark table. The low dust deposition greatly reduces the spark table cleaning work, and the optical lens can be quickly replaced without tools.

Plasma generator excitation light source

SPECTROMAXx's analytical accuracy guarantee begins with the innovative plasma generator source exciting the sample. Full digital control mode ensures accurate setting of light source energy output. The reproducibility of the excitation conditions and the accuracy of the analysis results are greatly improved, while the measurement time is shorter.

Optical system

The special optical system and optical components in SPECTROMAXx direct reading spectrometer are effectively fused and tightly sealed to ensure that the interior of the light chamber is spotless. The dual optical system setting extends the maximum wavelength range to 140nm--670nm.

ICAL Intelligent Logic Standardization

An upgraded version of the proprietary ICAL standardization system can effectively correct instrument, drift and light intensity changes. ICAL standardization achieves a single block standard instead of the multi-block standard sample calibration process of the traditional spectrometer, which can save more than 30 minutes each time for standardization.

SPECTRO Spark Analyzer Vision software package

The software package provides a simple and intuitive software interface. Versatile functions include: setting of instrument parameters, data transmission to external computers and printers, and statistical functions based on SQL databases.
Comprehensive hardware self-diagnosis system displays and records the operating status of the spectrometer in real time. Any fault can be identified, locked and displayed in the instrument structure diagram of the computer screen. Periodic control sample measurement can be set in self-diagnosis and executed automatically.
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