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XL Go Integrated Handheld Industrial Video Endoscope

The multiple features of the XLGo + industrial video endoscope system make testing easier, effectively increases the speed of testing, and bring you a return on investment.

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XL Go+ VideoProbe is one of the most portable and versatile video hole detectors on the market today, with new XpertSuiteTM features (such as enhanced manipulation sensitivity, increased probe light output, and LCD and external monitors that can be read in sunlight ), XL Go + can provide you with very good quality defect information.


All-in-one portability

Whether you are climbing a 100-meter tower to test wind turbine gearboxes, or crawling on a refinery heat exchanger or turbofan jet engine for testing, a portable video hole detector is your essential device .
The XL Go + VideoProbe system combines portability and performance perfectly, provides high-resolution digital images, and meets the inspection needs of a variety of industrial applications.
The XL Go + combines wireless operation with a variety of features that are only available on systems that are three times their size. Unlike other video hole probes, the XL Go + has no bulky base equipment, no backpack, no probe connection cables and power cord restrictions, so it can be inspected freely without restriction, and it is very easy to use.

Redefining image quality

Under the environment of insufficient light, the portable XLGo + series products can also provide clear and detailed images with white LED and high-definition active matrix VGA LCD to ensure accurate detection and image analysis.
XpertBright LCD improves image quality for better readability in sunlight, snowy outdoor or harsh indoor lighting conditions. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to record still images or moving videos to internal flash memory or removable USB flash drives.
Redefining durability

XLGo + series products are suitable for the harsh environment of industrial sites. The selected shock-absorbing materials and sealing devices prevent impact damage and are waterproof and dustproof.
To ensure that it can work well in a variety of environments, the XLGo + series has undergone a series of performance tests.


XLGo + industrial video endoscope system provides you with excellent service performance by virtue of excellent technical characteristics.
Compared with traditional lighting systems, the new LED technology allows lower system operating temperatures and uses less electricity. Whether it's still images or dynamic video, the high-brightness VGA LCD monitor provides unparalleled image quality.
Simple and intuitive user interface with multi-level user menus, such as measurement menu, file format menu, image control menu, etc. Users can easily save still images or dynamic videos to internal memory or mobile U disk.

Systems and accessories

Standard accessories
A: Operation Manual
B: Optical lens box
C: 8GB flash drive
D: AC battery charger
E: XL Go + system with 2 hour battery
F: Standard shipping / storage box

Optional accessories
G: XpertVision External Monitor
H: Pipe clamps and fasteners
I: Mini Magic Mounting Kit
J: Four-hour battery

Video endoscope probe

Optional probe diameter

Powerful software technology

Advanced user interface
Intuitive drop-down menus and on-screen prompts make XL Go + easy to use and powerful, with text, audio and graphic annotations.
File manager
XL Go + makes it easy to recall files, create folders, and copy and view thumbnails. It can save images directly to a USB flash drive and transfer files from the system to a USB drive.
Menu Orientation Detection (MDI)
MDI is a software tool that standardizes the inspection process in the NDT industry. This optional special software guides inspectors during the inspection process, intelligently names saved images and videos, and automatically generates reports, saving time, improving quality and increasing productivity.
The XL Go + has a probe-oriented azimuth to help the inspector guide the probe. The grid shows the direction of the probe and helps the inspector keep the probe facing or achieve better navigation.

XL Go + is a video holefinder that provides ShadowProbe, StereoProbe, and comparison measurement capabilities. Its inverse and zoom functions allow the cursor to be positioned more precisely.

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