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SigmaScope SMP350 Conductivity Tester

Electrical conductivity is an important material property providing information about a metal's ability to conduct electrical current, and information on its composition, microstructure, and mechanical properties. With SigmaScope SMP350 Conductivity Tester, the conductivity can be determined simply, quickly and accurately.

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Conductivity Nondestructively Measurement principle

SIGMASCOPE SMP350 measures conductivity according to eddy current phase methods DIN EN 2004-1 and ASTM E 1004. This method allows non-contact measurement, and it is almost unaffected by surface roughness, even through paint or plastic coatings up to 500 μm thick.

SigmaScope SMP350 Features

■ Window CE operating system with large touch screen and keyboard
■ User-friendly customizable interface
■ Very simple calibration by prompt
■ Simple application and user-definable folder structure
■ Store thousands of applications and nearly a million readings
■ The temperature coefficient of the material can be input for temperature compensation
■ Automatic measurement in continuous measurement and external trigger mode
■ Graphic display upper and lower limits
■ A large number of statistical evaluation functions with date / time, such as calculating Cp, Cpk and displaying them in histogram
■ Temperature can be entered manually
Monitoring temperature change (?T / ?t)
■ Factory master calibration with 8 standard blocks at 20 ℃
■ Acoustic signals when measurement is received and exceeds the upper and lower limits
■ Multilingual optional
Handheld Setup of SigmaScope SMP350 Conductivity Tester

Applications of SigmaScope SMP350 Conductivity Tester

SMP350 can measure the conductivity of any non-magnetic metal. In addition, conductivity provides data on other material properties, which is effective for a wide range of applications, including:
? Quality assurance and raw material classification
? Identification coins (e.g. euro coins of specific conductivity)
? Determine the hardness and strength of heat-treated materials
? Check for thermal damage, material fatigue and cracks
? Determination of phosphorus content in copper materials
? Track precipitation processes, such as copper-chromium alloys
? Testing the homogeneity of the alloy
? Scrap metal classification

During the manufacture, maintenance and repair of aircraft, measuring conductivity is a major aspect of quality assurance. Classification of aluminum raw materials Quality assurance to avoid the color impact of electroplated aluminum

SigmaScope SMP350 Hardware

SIGMASCOPE SMP350 is equipped with Windows CE operating system and an intuitive high-resolution graphical user interface for finger or stylus operation. The corresponding probe can adapt to different measurement frequencies. With automatic temperature compensation function, the ambient or standard temperature can be obtained directly from the integrated temperature sensor (or optional external temperature sensor).

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