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COULOSCOPE CMS2 multi-coating thickness Instrument

Coulometric method is an simple and easy electrochemical analysis for determining thickness of a metal coating or multi-coatings. COULOSCOPE CMS2 Coulometric multi-coating thickness Instrument is mainly used to check plating layer, now also suitable for monitoring thickness of remaining pure tin on printed circuit board.

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COULOSCOPE CMS2 measures the thickness of metal coatings on almost all substrates, including multi-coating structures; it works according to the coulometric DIN EN ISO 2177 for anodic dissolution. Simple operation and menu-driven operation guides make CMS2 an ideal solution for production monitoring and quality inspection in the electroplating industry. The equipment is equipped with nearly 100 reserved applications for different plating structures (eg galvanized on iron, nickel plated on brass) and various electrolysis speeds (eg 1, 2, 5, and 10 μm/min) . These applications are suitable for multi-plating systems.

Coating Measuring principle of Coulometric method

This series of instruments is coulometric according to DIN EN ISO 2177. Metal plating on metal or non-metallic substrates, by electrolytic corrosion under controlled current conditions - is actually the reverse of electroplating. The current loaded is proportional to the thickness of the coating to be stripped. If the current and stripping area remain the same, the thickness of the coating is proportional to the electrolysis time.
The measuring cell - comparable to a micro electrolytic cell - is used to strip the coating. The measurement area is determined by the size of the gasket mounted on the measuring cell. Different formulations of electrolytes are used for different metals. The electrolysis process begins by loading the current. The electrolysis process is controlled by the electronic part of the COULSCOPE instrument. A pump is used to agitate the electrolyte to smooth the electrolyte in the electrolysis zone to ensure the utilization of the electrolyte. Depending on the size of the measurement area, washers of various diameters are available.
CouloScope CMS2 is suitable for monitoring thickness of remaining pure tin on printed circuit board

Characteristics of COULOSCOPE CMS2

□ Large size, high resolution color display
□ Simple operation and graphical user guidance
□ Semi-automated measurement with V18 bracket
□ Simple choice of electrolysis speed and measurement area (0.1--50 μm/min) and (0.6--3.2 mm ?)
□ Voltage curve graphic display
□ Graphic and statistical analysis
□ Multi-language and unit of measure to choose from
FISCHER CMS2 is measuring thickness of remaining pure tin on PCB

CouloScope CMS2 Coulometric System Overview

A measuring system consists of COULOSCOPE CMS2 or CMS2 STEP and a bracket with measuring slots (eg STEP measuring tank). Various measuring bench designs are available for different applications.
Optional accessories
A wide range of optional accessories make the measurement work easier, ensuring safe storage and assisting in fixing the workpiece.
Overview of CouloScope CMS2 coating thickness system FISCHER Coulometric measuring method for CMS2 Sample Clamp of CouloScope CMS2


A correction factor is generated during calibration. This is due to the manufacturing tolerances of the measurement cell gasket, the change in coating density, and the change in alloy composition, which is required.

Application of Coulometer Method

As one of the very simple methods of measuring the thickness of the coating, the coulometric method can be used for various coating combinations. Especially for multi-plated structures, it provides a more economical alternative to X-rays when destructive measurements are allowed.

Applications of CouloScope CMS2

The powerful and user-friendly COULOSCOPE CMS2 is suitable for production monitoring in the electroplating industry and quality inspection of finished products.
Many common single and double coatings such as iron galvanizing or copper nickel plating tin can be measured simply and quickly with CouloScope CMS2. This method provides accurate measurements for any metal coating. Many materials do not need to be preset in the thickness range of 0.05 - 50 μm; the substrate composition and geometry are irrelevant for the measurement.
One of the common applications is to measure the remaining pure tin on the board to ensure solderability. Multi-plated layers such as Cr/Ni/Cu are often used in high quality bathroom products on iron or plastic (ABS) substrates and can also be measured by this method.
Multi-plated layers such as Cr/Ni/Cu are often measured by CouloScope CMS2
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