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Germany Fischer coating thickness gauge Dualscope MP0

Compact, portable and durable: Fischer's MP0 series of non-destructive thickness gauges measure the thickness of the coating quickly and accurately to meet the customer's expectations for Fischer's consistent accuracy.

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Ideal for high precision measurement of coating thickness
The new DUALSCOPE MP0 uses the well-recognized Fischer probe technology, which is small enough to meet your measurement needs. It has high measurement accuracy, friendly interface and durability. It is especially ideal for on-site measurements of uncomplicated workpieces. The built-in probe uses magnetic induction and eddy current methods to measure coating thickness quickly and without loss. DUALSCOPE MP0 automatically identifies substrates such as iron or aluminum and selects the appropriate measurement method. Important statistical parameters can be displayed. Thanks to its excellent repeatability and uniform standard calibration, this instrument is unmatched in its class.

DUALSCOPE MP0 has the following technical features and advantages:
? Can be measured on all metal (steel or non-ferromagnetic metal) substrates
? The instrument automatically identifies the substrate material under the coating and selects the corresponding measurement method
? Excellent repeatability
? Smallly affected by substrate permeability, conductivity and geometry (curvature and thickness, etc.)
? Conductivity compensation technology (eddy current method)

? Small enough to make reliable measurements even in difficult to reach areas

Practical application examples
? Electroplated zinc, chromium, copper, etc.
? Iron coating, varnish, plastic coating
? Coatings, varnishes, plastics, etc. on non-ferromagnetic metals (aluminum, copper, brass) or non-magnetic stainless steel
? Anodic oxide film on aluminum

Measuring the thickness of anodized film on aluminum
Measuring the thickness of paint on iron
Measuring the thickness of the galvanized layer on the iron

The standard configuration
Order number
? Host with operating manual
?Two 1.5V batteries
? Calibration iron substrate*
? Aluminum substrate for calibration*
? Calibration standard around 75μm*

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