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Talyrond 130 Economical High Precision Roundness Measuring Instrument

Powerful roundness measurement system for production workshop, specially designed for high-throughput production environments that require high-speed and accurate measurement. This system uses an air bearing spindle with manual centering and leveling functions.

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※Suitable for economical high accuracy roundness and round geometry inspection
※Suitable for process control during production
※For Comprehensive Central Checkpoints
※Suitable for metrological quality control

Talyrond 130 Economical high precision roundness measuring instrument

The Talyrond 130 is equipped with positive friction positioning controls on both the column and the cross arm. The secondary direct drive can respond to REEDIT's large distance movement and make the operation of the moving hand wheel more compact. Greatly reduced drift, backlash (tilt) without the need for heavy, inefficient fixtures.
● The program can carry on man-machine conversation
● Rugged, compact structure that fits anywhere in the factory
● Marking for precise positioning
● Independent electronic interface module
Length = 250mm (10 inches)
Width = 160mm (6.3 inches)
Height = 80mm (3.2 inches).

Measurement superiority:
The superiority of any metering device depends on its resolution range. Taylor Hobson's sensor head has a large measurement range and selectable resolution, which greatly improves measurement accuracy during manufacturing
Powered by Ultra Roundness Software
This software provides comprehensive analysis and programming measurement capabilities for Talyrond 131C and 130, making it as the ideal software for performing fast part measurements in any environment.
Mechanical superiority during measurement
1) Air bearing spindle for diamond turning
Spindle accuracy is critical to the performance of any roundness meter. Radial error refers to a constant value measured at the top of the table; conical error is the degree of rotation of the main axis along its axis, which can increase with the distance from the top of the table. The radial error can be improved through software correction, but the cone error can only be reduced to a very low level through careful construction of the main shaft structure. Taylor Hobson's high-precision spindle is a combination of world-class precision and "rigidity."

2) Multi-purpose sensor
The measuring sensor is installed as a "wrist" component to quickly switch between vertical and horizontal orientations, while keeping the stylus contact ball center point in contact with the workpiece. Internal and external surfaces can be measured vertically; surfaces above or below, external, angled or tapered can be measured horizontally.

3) High-density zinc alloy base
The compact design is very important for workshops with limited bench space. Taylor Hobson uses special zinc alloy castings to ensure that smaller bench sizes do not degrade instrument performance. Instruments made from materials of this density remain extremely stable even under the harsh conditions of the production hall.

4) Integrated vibration isolation device
In order to obtain laboratory-level measurement accuracy in the workshop, Talyrond vibration isolation pads are built into both 130 and 131C instruments. Unless it is a very harsh environment, in all other environments, there is no need to add additional anti-vibration materials.

5) Assisted leveling
The centering and leveling knobs have different appearances and touches, which is convenient for the operator to adjust the workpiece to the instrument spindle while watching the screen. In addition, the design facilitates the leveling of short and long parts

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