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Surtronic DUO Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument

Taylor Hobson Surtronic DUO Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument is portable and separable, used for for measuring multiple surface roughness parameters, such as Ra, Rz, Rp, Rv and Rt.

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How Surtronic DUO does it?

The hard-wearing diamond stylus is drawn across the part with a precision motorised traverse mechanism to ensure that the correct horizontal distance is travelled. Vertical movement of the stylus is detected by a high quality piezo-electric pick-up as it travels across peaks and valleys which converts mechanical movement into electrical signals. The electrical signal is digitised and sent to a microprocessor for instant calculation of surface parameters using standardised algorithms.

Features of Surtronic DUO Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument

Surtronic DUO Functions for Surface Roughness Measuring:

The Surtronic Duo is superior portable surface roughness tester that measure multiple roughness parameters with a 1-button click. Roughness measurement parameters such as Ra, Rz, Rp, Rv and Rt are displayed on a brightly lit intuitive 2.4" LCD colour display. Its rechargeable battery operation makes it a convenient way of performing fast, easy and precise on-the-spot measurements in almost any environment and surface.

Keeping surface roughness measuring simple and fast!

The Surtronic philosophy keeps the process simple. It is the perfect tool for any inspector to check surface roughness even in the most demanding applications.
● Incoming inspections
● Final inspection before shipment
● Process control on the production line
● Checking large components or structures

Tough, fast and reliable handheld roughness testers...

Durable roughness testers for shop floor, industrial & inspection room applications

● Fast and reliable

Simply press the measurement button and in a few seconds a full set of traceable measurement results including a detailed profile graph is displayed.

● Built to last, by design...

Impact resistant rubberised mouldings surround a recessed, Mylar protected high durability screen making the unit robust enough for even the most demanding industrial environments.

● InstantOn

By utilising InstantOn technology these instruments are ready to measure in less than 5 seconds from switching on!

● In situ measurements

Monitor wear and roughness changes in situ during product’s life. E.g. monitoring changes in turbine blade roughness as an early warning sign for defects and efficiency losses.

● User-friendly, not user-hostile!

The Surtronic Duo are as simple and easy-to-use as any SmartPhone. Users have the advantage of the intuitive quick access 3-button menu and its crisp 2.4" daylight readable industrial colour LCD screen

● Bluetooth connectivity

This next generation bluetooth technology boasts super efficient connectivity allowing wireless communication between the display unit and traverse unit.

● Built for power...

Powered by heavy duty reliable Li-Poly technology, the Surtronic Duo operates 24/7 with over 2000 measurements from a single charge.

Typical Applications of Surtronic DUO Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument

? Process control – Grinding, milling, turning, honing, polishing, extrusion
? Heavy industry – Shipbuilding, pipelines, sheet steel
? Aerospace – Turbine blades, turbine shafts, wing composites
? Other – Print rollers, flooring, bonding, glass

Surtronic DUO Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument is used in a lot of industry fields

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