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Form Talysurf i series Inductance Roughness Profiler

A low noise high resolution instrument for roughness and waviness measurement

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Surface roughness and profile measurement are combined into one
The Form Talysurf i series is a high precision instrument that simultaneously measures surface roughness and contours. The system's low-noise and high-resolution sensors ensure measurement integrity and offer a variety of options for a wide range of applications by selecting different types of sensors.
Tailored for your application
From screw threads to the crankshaft, from the cylinder block to the valve conduit, choose the right configuration for your application.
Temperature compensation
As a standard feature in all i-Series, this special system monitors and feeds back changes in ambient temperature to ensure that measurement stability and integrity are fully utilized in any environment.
Repeatable measurement results
With years of industry experience, precision machining expertise and FEA's optimized design, it offers low noise and near-perfect mechanical measurement accuracy. Traceable standards and proprietary algorithms further eliminate the effects of the instrument itself and result in more accurate measurements.
Unparalleled measurement capability

Surface detail
High resolution gauges with low noise enables roughness and waviness measurement

Parameter detail
Additional analyses include Rk, R&W, dominant wavelength and more...

3D - Easily convert traditional 2D measurements to 3D measurement tools with the optional Auto Y Mobile and Talymap software

Applications include:

Cylinder head - valve surface roughness, valve angle

Roller bearings - rough surface, shape error and DXF comparison Gear - surface roughness, root radius and shape deviation Crankshaft - surface roughness, chamfer radius and DXF comparison Ball Screws - Spacing, Angle, Shape and Straight Size
Q-Link production interface
Simplified interface specifically designed for production environments
■Q-DAS certification
■Compatible with all instruments
■easy to use
■User level setting
■Tolerance setting
■Automatic report generation
■Automatic statistical research

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