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DuraVision G5 Universal Hardness Tester

The DuraVision semi-automatic universal macro hardness tester is designed for Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell, and / or Knoop hardness testing.

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DuraVision G5-Series
Robust and precise field hardness tester

Wide range of applications
The DuraVision G5 series comes standard with a Rockwell hardness machine, which provides a particularly broad standard ballast force range: 15kgf-150kgf. Options include Brinell, Vickers, and Knoop modules. Ballast force range: 0.3kgf-3000kgf. The ballast force is continuously and accurately applied by a large number of electronic load cells. The intelligent selection of a 10M pixel camera guarantees 3x zoom while ensuring that the entire application range can be covered with very few lenses. The integrated 7-bit turret also ensures efficient tool switching. Through the integrated star-shaped turret full-automatic bright control and full-automatic fast focus, and the full-automatic evaluation and analysis of the test indentation, technically shorten the test cycle as much as possible and reduce the operator's influence to a very low level.

Easily test even complex workpieces 
The large test area, compact design and slim nose cone allow very flexible testing of a wide range of specimens. The test specimens can be further expanded by clamping and loosening tests-you can choose. In addition, the clamping force can also be set individually. Complex workpieces can be accurately clamped, and softer materials can be tested by selecting correspondingly low clamping forces. In short, it is the ideal equipment for various application testing on the production site.

Intuitive software with calibration assistant
The ecos Workflow Calibration Information System (CIS) software package provided by EMCO-TEST can effectively and intelligently solve all conventional hardness testing needs. Instruct users to step by step from test to data backup. The intuitive user interface reduces software familiarization time and reduces operational errors. An important feature of ecos Workflow CIS is that it inherits the calibration assistant, monitors all calibration methods and greatly simplifies the need for hardness testers to compare standards. The calibration assistant periodically and indirectly verifies and instructs according to the current ISO and ASTM standards, guides the user through the inspection process and supports documentation compliance with the standard

Innovative hardness testing software
ecos Workflow CIS Touch
The workflow-five steps
Samples, methods, locations, results and history are five steps provided by the intuitive ecos Workflow CIS operating software. In the effective and convenient hardness test of workflow, logic, transparency and very simple operation are its main characteristics. Available in up to 13 languages.

Options & accessories
Harsh environmental protection system
External influences, such as the harsh environment of the workshop site, put more demands on precision measurement systems. The completely sealed system prevents dust and oil from entering the precision measuring and electronic control unit inside the machine.
Base-stability and ergonomics
The DuraVision G5 base is the ideal base for operators to provide very good working conditions. Whether the operator is standing or sitting, can provide ergonomic working height. In addition, the base is very stable, which means that heavy specimens can be tested safely.
Seven Star Turrets
Each machine includes 2 star turrets within the normal range, and can be upgraded to a 7-bit turret at any time with a small fee. The star-shaped turret design not only has a slim turret structure, but also provides 7 positions for the lens and indenter. Therefore, a single machine can be used to cover a wide range of test methods without the need for frequent tool changes. In combination with new high-resolution cameras, this reduces investment costs and setup time. In addition, the turret rotates at a very fast speed and automatically finds the shortest path to the selected location.

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DuraVision G5 Universal Hardness Tester

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