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MiniTest 725/735/745 Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

The new MiniTest 725, 735, and 745 series combine accuracy and flexibility. All models in the new series come with a Bluetooth interface to wirelessly transfer data to a computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Innovative SIDSP (Probe Internal Digital Signal Processing) technology improves measurement accuracy with a measurement range of up to 15mm, replaceable F, N or FN probes for internal or external probes, FN probes automatically recognize F (ferromagnetic) or N (non-magnetic) substrate, easy to operate and error-free, SIDSP technology - international new technology, intelligent digital coating thickness probe, analog signal processing has become a thing of the past, digital signal processing will become the future trend.

MiniTest 725-With built-in probes, it is especially suitable for quick measurement of car body, hull and steel structures. Thanks to the ergonomic design of one-handed operation, it is very functional.

MiniTest 735-With an external probe, it combines high precision and easy measurement. The wired probe makes it easy to measure hard-to-reach places.

MiniTest 745-The top models in the series benefit from its flexible probe design. Its built-in probe can be easily converted to an external probe.

MiniTest 725/735/745 Digital Coating Thickness Probe Take advantage of the advanced features of innovation and flexible connectivity options to wirelessly use the MiniTest 745 probe. Simply connect your digital probe to the Bluetooth Smart Adapter and the readings will be transferred to the MiniTest 745 mainframe at up to 10 meters, so the MiniTest 745 probes have Bluetooth Smart Adapter capability.
All models of the MiniTest 725, 735, and 745 series are connected to the SIDSP probe. Due to the use of advanced SIDSP technology, these probes are less susceptible to interference and provide excellent test accuracy. Even if the temperature changes, it will not affect the measurement, and the count remains stable to ensure very good repeatability throughout the measurement process.


? Up to 100,000 counts of large memory
? Simple, menu-driven operation in up to 20 languages
? Bluetooth interface for wireless data transfer to computers, tablets and smartphones
? Improve accuracy with various calibration modes
? Perfect compensation after temperature change covers the entire measurement range
? High accuracy and repeatability depend on SIDSP technology
? Limit monitoring, user can adjust compensation and correction values for rough matrix materials
? Continuous measurement mode
? Download software for host and probe via free software update over the Internet
MiniTest 725/735/745 Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

The standard configuration

● MiniTest host, model 725, 735 or 745
● According to the choice, SIDSP probe
● Calibration foil and reference zero board
● The operating instructions CD contains various languages for German, English, French and Spanish.
● Soft bag and shoulder strap
● battery
● Manufacturer certificate
● MSoft 7 Basic Edition Data Transfer Software

Recommended configuration

● Measuring bracket for F1.5, N0.7, FN1.5 probe and micro probe rubber case
● MSoft 7 Professional Data Evaluation Software
● MiniPrint Portable Data Printer

Application of Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

● Non-magnetic coatings such as paints, varnishes, enamels, chrome and galvanized
● Steel substrate or insulating coating such as paint, anodized film or ceramic
● Non-ferrous metal substrates such as copper, aluminum, die-cast zinc, copper, etc.
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MiniTest 725/735/745 Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

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