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Multi-coat Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge QuintSonic

QuintSonic uses advanced ultrasonic sensing technology and innovative software to achieve high-precision simultaneous measurement of up to 5 coatings. Suitable for paint, enamel and plastic coatings on plastic, metal, wood, ceramic, glass substrates.

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QuintSonic 7 
Precision through Innovative Technology

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge can measure the thickness of paint, plastic coating on plastic, metal, wood, glass and ceramic. The thickness of 5 coatings can be measured nondestructively at one time.
The innovative QuintSonic 7 is the first thickness gauge to accurately measure the thickness of coatings on GRP (thermosetting plastic or glass steel) and CRP (low temperature steel) parts.

This innovative technology is through the A-scan image function. You can display chart information directly without connecting the instrument to a computer. As a result, the reliability of measurement under any circumstances is greatly realized, making QuintSonic 7 an ideal tool for field, laboratory or workshop measurement. QuintSonic 7 is widely used in all industries that require high-precision measurement, such as in the automotive industry and handicraft industry.

QuintSonic 7 Another feature: Thin substrate thickness can be measured through coating
Working Principle:
Based on ultrasonic reflection, after the ultrasonic pulses emitted by the Quint Sonic 7 smart probe enter the coating, when the pulses are transmitted to the bonding surface of the coating or the critical surface of the substrate, some of the pulses are reflected back. These reflected ultrasonic pulses are received by the sensor, and the thickness of the coating is calculated from the speed of sound waves traveling through the medium.
QuintSonic 7's outstanding features: The instrument uses very advanced sensing technology and innovative software to achieve high-precision measurement during application, which could not be achieved before.
QSoft software can display A-scan image during measurement, which can get more accurate data. Parameter settings are used to define the measurement range, anti-interference, echo diagnosis and estimated cut-off band range. The cut-off band can be set to eliminate clutter, such as clutter caused by the substrate GRP or CRP fiber.
Another difficulty with ultrasonic coating thickness measurement is the measurement of coating thickness with similar characteristics. The difference in the impedance values of these coatings is not sufficient to distinguish the feedback ultrasonic pulses. QuintSonic 7 solves this problem through technological innovation. Weak pulse signals can be clearly distinguished. Therefore, complex measurement tasks can be completed reliably and accurately.
A new feature of the instrument is that the speed of sound of standard samples can be built into the instrument. Once the sound velocity of a certain medium is determined, the sound velocity can be stored in a database for retrieval. This reduces setup time during measurement.
Standard accessories
Optional accessories
● QuintSonic 7 host
● Probe
● Carrying case
● CD with operating instructions
● 2 x 100 ml couplant (glue / oil)
● One-layer reference sample
● USB data cable
● 4 x AA batteries
● MiniPrint 7000 printer
● NiMH Ni-MH battery fast charging device
● External power supply
● Shoulder strap
● Positionable rubber protective sleeve and shoulder strap
● Multi-purpose junction box with USB cable, connect external power supply, foot switch, alarm, earphone
● QSoft professional data management software
● IrDA / USB converter

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