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SmartTest Smart Wireless Film Thickness Sensor

SmarTest's SIDSP smart sensor for measuring coating thickness combines the advantages of modern wireless technology with excellent accuracy against interference. The sensor data is transmitted to the tablet, smartphone app or coating thickness gauge MiniTest 745 via Bluetooth.

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SmarTest Smart Bluetooth Thickness Gauge
SmarTest: Smart Bluetooth Thickness Gauge for Coating Thickness Measurement
SmarTest is a smart wireless thickness gauge for non-destructive coating thickness measurement, and transmits the probe data to a tablet, smart phone or coating thickness gauge MiniTest 745 via Bluetooth.
The wireless probe adapter SmarTest has a diameter of 16 mm and a length of 125 mm. It is a bit like a thick ballpoint pen and weighs only 48 g.
This means you can take SmarTest with you.
The standard configuration includes F 2.6 or FN 2.6 probes, which are specifically optimized for the measurement of automotive body sheets and can be used for sheet thicknesses down to 0.3 mm.
You can connect any SIDSP probe to SmarTest to cover a variety of coating thickness measurement tasks.

● Precision coating thickness gauge with digital probe
● Can connect any SIDSP probe
● Transmission of measurement data via Bluetooth, with a range of about 10 meters
● Currently displayed and operated in 4 languages (German, English, French, Chinese) through the app
● Wear-resistant probe with almost unlimited life
● Very suitable temperature compensation through separate compensation characteristic curve
● High precision characteristic curve of up to 50 points in the manufacturer's calibration
● Rechargeable battery for more than 8 hours of operation
● The battery is charged using the mini USB socket
● Built-in battery control prevents incorrect measurements due to low battery power
● Store and transmit measurement data in CSV format
● The app is used to evaluate various measurement data and store and transfer it as a CSV file.
● High-capacity battery with power alarm display, continuous operation for about 8 hours
● Application can be updated automatically

The operation of SmarTest is very simple:
? Launch the SmarTest app on your mobile device
? Turn on the wireless adapter and automatically establish a Bluetooth connection
? Take a measurement
The SmarTest app provides assistance at every step through context-sensitive help texts, currently available in 4 languages.

Measurement mode
There are two measurement modes to choose from:
? Single Value Mode
Acquire and display measured values separately. This enables you to obtain coating thickness values at multiple points of the object to be measured and then evaluate them statistically.
? Continuous Mode
After the probe is placed, the measured value is continuously acquired and displayed. This mode is suitable for calculating the coating thickness distribution on a defined surface and positioning thin and thick parts. Measured values calculated in continuous mode can be saved in the statistics by briefly pressing the power button.

Control / data transfer
Controlling the adapter and transmitting measured value data via Bluetooth 4.0 / Bluetooth Smart (low energy consumption). The distance between the adapter and the mobile device can be placed at about 10 meters, and it can be even longer under good transmission conditions.

App application features
The SmarTest app displays current measurements, statistical evaluations, and helps control storage and calibration of probes.
There is a choice of metric (μm, mm) and imperial (mils) formats for displaying and processing measurement values.
Storage and transmission / downloading of measured values is done in CSV format.

Three calibration modes are available:
? Factory calibration
? 1-point calibration (zero-point calibration) on uncoated workpieces
? 2-point calibration (zero-point calibration + 1-point thickness layer / substrate)

Non-destructive coating thickness measurement:
? Non-magnetic coatings on ferromagnetic substrates (e.g. steel) such as varnish, enamel, chromium, zinc
? Insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals (e.g. aluminum, austenitic stainless steel, brass) such as varnishes and anodized aluminum
The standard configuration
● SmarTest host with F 2.6 or FN 2.6 probe
● Calibration kit includes calibration plate and reference zero plate
● USB charger and mini USB cable
● Operation manual
● Manufacturer certificate
● Storage box

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