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Equotip Piccolo / Bambino 2 Metal hardness tester

BAMBINO is an easy-to-use, portable hardness tester for hardness measurement of most metals. BAMBINO combines modern electronics and innovative impact devices to provide an unbeatable price / performance ratio.

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Product Description
Highly integrated, integrated Leeb hardness tester with compact structure and sturdy housing. Ideal for fast on-site hardness testing. Optional DL probe for narrow spaces and concave surfaces. Equotip Piccolo 2 transfers data to a computer.

Product Principle
When measuring with Piccolo 2 / Bambino 2, an impact body with a hard metal ball indenter impacts the sample to be measured, and then rebounds under the impulse of the spring energy generated by the impact. Before and after the impact, the permanent magnet in the impact body will pass a coil, and this forward and backward movement will generate a voltage signal V in the coil. This sensing signal is proportional to the velocity of the impact body. Multiplying the ratio of the rebound velocity vr to the impact velocity vi by 1000 will give a hardness value HL (Leeb hardness). HL is a direct measurement of hardness. HLD refers to the detection using a D-type device (27 mm long impact body with a flat support ring), and HLDL refers to the thin and light in the DL accessory kit (82 mm long impact body with a support ring with a slender probe) Detection by the probe.

? Entry-level models for rapid field testing
? Compact housing and automatic angle correction for flexible use
? Proven precision with all Equotip products
Default unit
Available units
HB, HV, HRB, HRC, HS, MPA (Equotip Piccolo 2 only)
Available probe
Leeb D / DL
Combine with other methods
Average roughness
Ra (?m / ?inch)
2 / 80
Minimum quality
(kg / lbs)
0.05 / 0.2
Minimum thickness
(mm / inch)
3 / 0.12

Instrument firmware
? Automatic correction of impact direction
? Integration into an automated test environment (including remote control): Equotip Piccolo 2 only
? No need to set language

PC software
Piccolink software (Equotip Piccolo 2 only)
Monochrome 4 digits
32 KB (approximately 2000 readings) (Equotip Piccolo 2 only)
USB interface to PC
Measuring range
150 - 950 HL
Measurement Accuracy
± 4 HL (0.5% at 800 HL)

Quick operation
1. Load
Slide the loading tube completely from one side to the other to load the instrument.
2. place
Place the support ring of the instrument against the surface of the sample.
3. Test
Slide the loading tube a short distance to cause an impact.

Difference between Piccolo 2 and Bambino 2
Equotip Piccolo 2 and Bambino 2 are both suitable for testing metal hardness in the field with the smallest possible indentation. Reliable design and large display allow users to use in dusty working environments with low visibility. Both products also show metal hardness on all commonly used scales.
Piccolo 2 has the same features as Bambino 2 and has the following additional features:
1) User-defined hardness conversion
2) Piccolink software with the following applications:
  a) Systematic real-time monitoring of hardness
  b) Automatic testing during continuous production
  c) Evaluation and processing of measurement data
  d) Remote Piccolo 2 settings
Equotip Piccolo 2 and Bambino 2 come with D-type impact devices. This impact device is interchangeable with the optional DL impact device and is useful for measurements in restricted areas.
Equotip Piccolo 2
Equotip Bambino 2
Piccolink Software

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