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Surface Topography Measurement Solution


The level of modern manufacturing is getting higher and higher, and its technical requirements are becoming more and more strict. Therefore, it is necessary to have a corresponding high level of measurement to meet the needs of various demanding applications.

LAB Gages Co., Ltd. sells Taylor Hobson's equipments from UK. With decades of practical experience, engineers provide you with the ideal measurement method according to your needs.

1、Cylinder head and cylinder block
For a variety of surfaces associated with engine block cylinders and cylinder heads, whether they are sanded, turned, ground, table honed, etc., regardless of their shape is radial, angled or straight Both can be analyzed by using the highly versatile Form Talysurf equipment from the British Taylor Hobson.
2、Piston, piston pin and piston ring
During the working process of the piston, it will be subjected to various pressures and tensions, and various forces will cause certain deformation. Piston designers seek to predict such deformations during the manufacturing process in order to eliminate their effects. Due to the particular shape of the piston, normal geometric analysis (such as cylindricity, roundness and straightness) is not sufficient to determine the shape of the piston.
The Taylor Hobson's Form Talysurf series surface roughness measuring instrument can be used to check the wear or friction of the piston ring and the piston pin or to inspect the sealing surface of the piston ring groove.

3、Fuel injector
As vehicle fuel emission standards continue to increase, the tolerances for components such as fuel injectors are becoming more stringent. Components with tighter tolerances require more highly accurate measuring instruments. To achieve high-precision measurement of fuel common rail components, sub-micron roundness measuring instruments and high-accuracy, low-noise surface roughness measuring instruments are required.
Whether the components are radial, angled or straight, the British Taylor's Form Talysurf range of surface measuring instruments provides a comprehensive analysis of their shape and surface roughness in a single measurement.

4、Panel and Dashboard
It is not easy to coordinate the topcoat of each component of the car body or the topcoat of each component of the instrument panel in the vehicle. The change of the surface texture of each component often increases the difficulty of coordinating the topcoat.
In many cases, by using a single trace surface roughness is enough to control production, but when you need to coordinate the matching of the associated components, if you can use the 3D map of the surface texture, you can ensure that the texture is completely consistent, which helps Control the decorative effect.

5、Wheel Brake Disc
Although the brake disc is a relatively simple component, it has many features that require strict control. The surface of the brake disc should be relatively parallel and supported parallel to the surface of the wheel, and the thickness variation should not be too large. The brake surface should also be flat and perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the brake disc should be within the specified tolerance.
In addition to the flatness requirements, there should be no local factors such as lobes, tremors or thickness variations affecting the overall braking function in any area on the surface of the disc. We offer surface roughness measuring instruments to help predict the proper functioning of components.

6、Camshaft and Crankshaft
Taylor Hobson has powerful measurement and analysis tools that measure many characteristics including bearing and pin alignment and harmonic content, pin-to-spindle parallelism, chamfer radius, oil hole wear, load ratio and many others characteristic.
In addition to the flatness requirements, there should be no local factors such as lobes, tremors or thickness variations affecting the overall braking function in any area on the surface of the disc. We at Shanghai Bobo offer a range of surface roughness measuring instruments to help predict the proper functioning of components.

The connecting rod may be the most stressed engine component. It is always under high load and continuously withstands the changing force. Therefore, the role of the connecting rod in the engine cycle is indeed extraordinary. The small end of the connecting rod is connected to the piston pin and the large end is connected to the crankshaft. The geometric alignment of the bearing and the surface quality and roundness are the key elements to ensure excellent performance.
The shape of any rotating component (especially high-speed rotating components) has a major impact on its function. Excess lobes, tremors and misalignment of the connecting rod bearings will affect performance. The surface roughness measurement of Taylor Hampson in the United Kingdom allows the user to predict the quality of the large and small end bearings of the connecting rod, and allows the user to check for wear during the life of the engine through post-use evaluation.

The versatility and geometry of Taylor's Form Talysurf inspection instruments offer a wide range of solutions. The instrument plays an important role by controlling geometry, collimation and surface roughness characteristics to increase reliability, reduce noise and eliminate fatigue.

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